Double Agent, Lola Lamour

The last of four music video’s created for Lola Lamour’s new EP ‘Are You Looking For Love’. A classic film noir look with some outstanding performances by Lola & Kevin!

It was great being part of such a big project. The filming schedule was over a three day period at various locations around the country. We had the privilege of filming ‘Slow Motion Love Affair’ at Lola’s 1950’s styled house which offered a unique and fresh look to the video. Lola’s performances were exceptional for each of the many takes required for each music video. Thanks to all the extras for their help and patience in the making of these videos and a huge thank you to Dave at Twinwood Events for involving Zeus Films in this great venture.

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The Lamours ‘Slow Motion Love Affair’

Having previously worked with Lola Lamour and The Lamours, it was great being invited back to produce the next four music videos for their new EP “Are You Looking For Love”. This is the first track, “Slow Motion Love Affair”, which is the lead track to the album. The whole music video was filmed in one day with no need for studio sets as Lola Lamour’s home was the ideal location for the shoot.

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Twinwood Festival 2012

It was our second year running at Twinwood Festival and this year the acts and crowds were even bigger. Using our latest purchase, the Libec Swift Jib with it’s extendable telescopic arm, we were able to capture shots from ground view sweeping upto heights overlooking the crowds. Utilising the remote head of the Swift Jib, a huge range of shots could be captured of the live performances which all went towards creating a finished film that encapsulates the energy and variety of shows on offer at Twinwood.

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The Lamours

The Lamours are a 13 piece band fronted by the talented Lola Lamour. Zeus Films were commissioned to film their debut performance in front of a sellout audience at Twinwood on May 12th. Just prior to their performance we wisked the band away from rehearsals and started filming footage for their new music videos. The energy and ability of all members to perform their routine meticulously to camera and with all the nerves and anticipation for their performance fast encroaching was overwhelming. With a further days shoot in Stratford-upon-Avon and amongst the Cotswolds countryside, all footage was edited into the music videos shown below.

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Twinwood Festival

Last Summer, Zeus Films were commissioned to cover The Twinwood Festival, an annual festival of vintage 1940’s & 1950’s music & dance. The event takes place at Twinwood Arena & The Glenn Miller Museum in Clapham, Bedworth. With an attendance of over 5000 visitors per day, many of who were dressed in vintage 40’s & 50’s clothing, and a schedule of performances from a variety of top acts, ┬áthe opportunities for filming were endless.

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